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Farm Update: Lambing

27 April 2021 < 1 Minute
lambs on a green field

The lambs have all now been turned out onto our pastures with their mothers.

We lamb indoors to enable easy monitoring and assistance of the pregnant ewes during lambing but are always keen to get them back out to grass as soon as possible. ‘Doctor Green’ as grass is known is always the best forage for milk production and healthy animals.

This year we’ve had an unusually high number of triplets, apparently something that has been seen Nationally according to our vets, potentially caused by the availability of good quality forage in the autumn tupping period. With a few frosty cold nights forecast we kept our triplets in the barn for an extra week to ensure they were all strong and now they too are out on the spring grass.

Spring normally produces a flush of high protein and sugar content grass, however with a changing climate we have experienced a dry spring so far. The sun and temperatures have risen above the magic 6 degrees required for grass growth but water and ground moisture content will soon be a limiting factor now if we do not get regular rain.