Herne Fabric

28 August 2018 joe
Herne Fabric

The next step in our Wool to Wardrobe journey of producing truly sustainable outdoor clothing.

We ventured north to one of the oldest family wool mills in Yorkshire. The traditional home of the wool industry in Great Britain, Yorkshire contains  some fantastic mills and centuries of experience.

Since our initial concept of the modern Stag Shirt we’ve worked with the mill’s designers to develop a fabric that was lightweight and breathable with amazing thermoregulatory characteristics.

We then carefully selected colours to create natural camouflages that would blend in with the Grass Plains, Forests and Mountains. Subtle hues found in the wild.

From Wool to Wardrobe its amazing to see our Plains Green fabric taking shape on the factory looms. Overseen by true craftsman to ensure only the highest quality throughout.

This really is a dream come true to see the Wool to Wardrobe taking place. Next step Stag Shirts!