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March Round Up

30 March 2021 < 1 Minute
The Noisy Plume man aside horse wearing Herne Clothing bison jacket

A short round up of the things we’re reading, watching and enjoying most this month. 

Read: Fire Sheephow sheep (and their poop) could help California’s climate-driven wildfires.

Interested in: Mushroom Packagingpackaging without pollution.

Marvel at: Nature’s Greatest Artistthe Japanese puffer fish’s crop circles. Narrated by David Attenborough.

Follow : @huntgathercook For hunting recipes and game inspiration.

Listen to: The Compass, the BBC World Service Podcast about forests. The world has been wooded for 400m years and people for only 300,000. Explaining the deep connection people feel to forests after all “the forests came first”.

Watch: Athena Mellor’s adventures on her Youtube channel.