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Northern Migration

17 February 2022 < 1 Minute

We have migrated!

We’ve been a little quiet on social media and our website in recent months as we have moved! We’ve travelled up from the south of England to a new farm in the wilds of the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland.

A few too many roads and a little too far to drove in the old fashioned way. Our 350 mile migration required ten articulated lorries of equipment, one of sheep, a fair amount of very skilled tele-handler driving and some very long days.

Nestled against the Northumberland National Park our new farm rises from the river Breamish to the top of Old Fawdon Hill. Rugged hills and lush lowland pasture set against a backdrop of Cheviot itself. The climate and conditions are perfect for our Herne Merinos and growing fine wool.

We had hoped to announce our migration sooner but our feet have literally not touched the ground since we arrived. Pasture improvements, fencing and tree planting, we hit the ground running and then Storm Arwen arrived….