Pursuit International Magazine Coverage

16 March 2019 ed
Pursuit International Magazine Coverage

We’re absolutely delighted to have been featured in Pursuit International magazine.

Pursuit International combines the finest storytelling and photography to capture a unique insight into ethical hunting and sustainable living from across the globe. They pursue a lifestyle that is respectful of the natural environment in which we live and from where our food is sourced. A return to wild, untampered food harvested ethically and sustainably, honouring the land, the animal and the natural habitat.

Approached to discuss the story of Herne and our truly sustainable outdoor clothing, our article features Herne’s annual pilgrimage north to the highlands of Scotland, hunting and field testing our Stag Shirts.

If you haven’t picked up your copy today, please do head over to the Pursuit International magazine website;


Herne is featured in Volume 4, alongside some other fantastic articles on country life and wilderness sport.