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17 February 2022 2 Minutes

The farm was devastated by 115mph winds in November. Storm Arwen swept in from the North East flattening entire woodlands, destroying barns and ripping out fences. It is difficult to comprehend the damage in Northumberland unless you see if for yourself.

The flock survived without issue but neighbouring farmers lost livestock buried under falling trees. As a rural community we all helped each other cutting and moving trees that had fallen across roads. Farmers are often called an additional emergency service in the countryside but in the days after Arwen we were the only emergency service. We had no power for a week and in the end helped Northern Powergrid to erect a new pole on the hill using our farm telehandler. We were only to happy to help after a cold dark week!

Barns can be rebuilt, new fences erected but for us the greatest sadness was the loss of mature woodlands and trees. The prevailing winds here come from the West and the trees are adapted, strengthened in their trunks to survive strong winds from West but not the North. We will replant but our climate is changing for the worse and we must do all we can to stop it changing further.