Summer Shearing

15 July 2019 ed
Summer Shearing

After months of waiting we’ve arrived at our summer shearing. The eagerly awaited time that all the hard work and long days on the farm pay off. The harvest of our fine wool.

Merino sheep produce their finest wool when exposed to extremes of temperature which is why we shear in the height of summer and depths of winter. This year’s weather has been a more temperate, traditional English summer. Full of warm sunshine and the odd rain shower, a contrast to last years prolonged drought and excessive heat. Despite this flock has still produced fantastic quality wool, something we’re very proud of and put this down to our integrated ‘Wool to Wardrobe’ approach. Wool to Wardrobe includes everything from the day to day care of the sheep, selection of pastures to manage their forage intake and overall health, together with careful selective breeding. The choosing of rams to complement each ewe and improve the flock over all. Breeding to ensure we produce the finest wool what ever the weather. It’s all part of the work that stands Herne apart from others.

We hope to have the wool harvested from this shearing made into clothing for this Fall. We know many of you have been patiently waiting for new inventory and we are trying our best to get new Stag Shirts available as quickly as possible.

In the meantime enjoy Living Wild!

Each fleece is carefully checked recording the weight, length, crimp and wool type against the sheep it has been shorn from. Before being rolled and added to our sacks for transport up north to the Yorkshire mill and manufacture of our wilderness fabric.