Winter Shearing

16 February 2019 ed
Winter Shearing

Merino sheep produce their finest wool when exposed to extremes of temperature, whether hot or cold and it’s for this reason that we shear the Herne Fine Wool flock in the depths of winter and warmest month of the summer.

Our Wool to Wardrobe approach means that each of our Stag Shirt’s is made with wool from our own flock, limiting the number of shirt’s we can produce each year. However by shearing twice a year we are also able to yield around 1/2 again as much wool as if we simply sheared the sheep once year.

Once shorn the sheep will remain in our purpose build barn until the weather improves. Sheep actually only need around 1 inch of wool to be ‘weather proof’, it us as humans that have bred sheep over thousands of years to have more wool than they need to allow it to be harvested and used for clothing.

In the barn the sheep are fed a diet of hay, silage and haylage, each has different nutritional content and we assess the individuals and groups to maintain or improve their condition.