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Our Story

Our company takes its name from Herne, the antlered wild huntsman and keeper of the forest.

We believe that to be truly at one with nature, just like Herne, outdoor clothing should be natural and sustainable.

Our aim is to offer innovative versions of classic designs that stand the test of time. Inspired by early pioneers, all our high performance technical gear is expertly crafted using natural materials wherever possible and we work sustainably and transparently.

So with our outdoor gear you can truly embrace the wilderness and Live wild.

Living Wild

One of the original 1920’s USA pioneers described the Stag Shirt as the most fundamental piece of wilderness clothing – crafted to kept wearers cool when active and warm when not; whilst functional, versatile and light-weight for true wilderness practicality.

Our All Season Stag Shirts are for the active modern outdoorsman, designed to perform in every environment and climate; whether you’re hunting, foraging or living wild.

Our Back Country Stag Shirts offer improved warmth, weatherproofing and durability for protection in the toughest and coldest conditions.