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Herne Honey


Herne Honey


A delicious wild honey harvested from hives on our farm. Made with pollen collected from our grass pastures and woodland glades, this light honey has a smooth texture, filled with the aroma of wild flowers and clover.


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With bee numbers rapidly declining in the countryside we decided to introduce four new hives three years ago. Situated next to the flock’s pasture the wild flower meadows now buzz throughout the summer months as the bees collect nectar from far and wide. Every year we hand harvest a small amount of honey from our hives, ensuring that plenty is left for the bee’s themselves.


Please note that we can only ship this product within the UK and EU.

Design Features

  • A light smooth textured honey.

  • Approximately 260g.

  • Glass jar with screw lid.

  • Limited quantities each season.

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