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Men’s Stag Shirt


Men’s Stag Shirt

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Our modern Stag Shirt.

Our Stag Shirt is a naturally insulating, breathable and resilient woollen overshirt that takes its inspiration from the shirts worn by the early pioneers of the American West.

Made with our specially designed fabric woven from the fleeces of our own Merino sheep the Stag Shirt offers comfortable warmth, protection and style whether hiking, hunting or relaxing by the campfire.



A comfortably fitted two pocket wool overshirt designed, grown and made in Britain. 


We created our specialist fabrics with one of the oldest family mills in Yorkshire, an area steeped in wool history and knowledge. Our aim was to make a woollen fabric that offered superior warmth, breathability and comfort whilst being durable enough for hard work in the wilds.


The soft underside of the fabric was something we worked particularly hard to create with the mill. It not only provides unrivalled next to skin comfort but also increases the amazing thermoregulatory ability of the wool further by trapping air in the fabric and insulating the body. Keeping you warm when its cold and cool when it’s warm. You put on a Stag Shirt and feel warm.


For use in the field Merino wool is odour resistant and silent, making the Stag Shirt easy to care for and useable straight from the woods to the home.


Tried and tested for years in the field and on the farm our Stag Shirts have proven to be the go to layer for our team whatever the weather.

Design Features

  • Specialist Merino wool fabric provides warmth and weather protection.

  • Two pocket design with button front closures and cuffs.

  • Strengthened seams to retain fit style and durability.

  • Comfortable modern cut, with scalloped rear to keep warm, whilst allowing freedom to move.

  • Field tested collar heigh for turned up weather protection.

  • Contrasting trim for a splash of style.

  • Reinforced shoulder panel.

Size Guide

Measurements in Inches
35 - 38
38 - 41
41 - 44
44 - 48
28 - 31
31 - 33
33 - 38
38 - 41

1 Chest

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2 Waist

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Size Guide Image
Size Guide Image

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3 reviews for Men’s Stag Shirt

  1. richard.henley4

    I absolutely love my Herne Stag Shirt!

    Living between the town and the country it’s rare to find a jacket that I enjoy wearing in both. It’s super comfortable and seams only to be getting softer over time too. Just the right balance of breathable when it’s warm and warming when it’s cool – so adaptable.

    We should all start trying to source local, natural, products for all aspects of our lives, be it clothing, food or anything else!

  2. nbdyer

    Big fan of my new stag shirt. Bought one from a recommendation from a friend. Has been great for on a cool summer evening. Material is really high quality, very happy.

  3. Paul Jennings

    I absolutely love my Herne Stag Shirt, especially as Ed and his team are so involved in the whole production process: from breeding and rearing the sheep, to sheering them and then spinning the merino wool into such a well made, beautiful piece of clothing. I can’t wait to see how the shirt ages and develops its own character… I can tell from the very outset that it’s going to become one of my favourite items of clothing and one that should easily last a lifetime.

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